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There are 374,000 more employees in the UK working from home when compared to 10 years ago, according to new TUC analysis.

According to recent research, the UK is the world’s 13th best country in which to start a business.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) believes “Britain’s jobs boom” will continue into the next quarter, as “employers shrug off the uncertainty around Brexit with new hires”.

Labour shortages are affecting businesses in all sectors and across all regions according to a new report.

A survey has found that UK office workers are becoming increasingly anxious about answering the phone at work.

The Institute of Directors has raised concerns that not enough attention is being paid to the mental wellbeing of employees and contractors that work from home.

Doing meaningful work is the most important factor that affects an employee's happiness at work, according to new research.

Almost half of employees polled said their line manager doesn't make sure they know their rights at work.

Described by its organisers as a "pivotal conference and exhibition that will power your working future" and as a "revolutionary HR and learning event", the CIPD Festival of Work will take place at Olympia London on 12-13 June 2019.

Those receiving the majority of upskilling opportunities are already highly skilled and highly paid, when while those who need it most are left behind. This is wrong and bad for business. This vicious cycle needs to be broken...